Shoe Sizing

Size does matter when it comes to buying shoes, so to help you find the perfect Scarletto's shoe size, we have created a convenient Women's Shoe Size Conversion Guide below.

Women's Shoe Size Conversion Guide: Our shop's shoes are sized using the following US/EU/CN converted size chart as below:

Please use this shoe size chart as a guide to choose your suitable size across countries. Fitment is guaranteed with correct size selected.


Remember that all of our Collections are Limited. So PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOUR SIZE using our size chart before ordering as we would hate to disappoint you should you have to return your shoes and your size is sold out. We reserve the right to approve / reject any return requests due to wrong size selected.

Thank you so much for your feedback, you all rock my world and you keep me inspired to continue creating shoes with wickedly vibrant colors, serious style and unmatched comfort!

Watch this space for even more sizes should the demand continue.